Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you?
Take this quiz to find out!

1. Ok, easy one. Male or Female? (no, there’s no third choice) Male.

2. How do you feel about fighting? I’d prefer not too, but it doesn’t usually work that way
 Those spreading evil must be stopped at all costs!
 Only for the sake of those I love!
 Are you trying to start something?
 Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a warrior!

3. You’re getting into a fight. What do you use? A sword.
 Something blunt.
 Anything that’s available!
 My feet. As in running.

4. Any good skills? Housework
 Being really, really annoying, er, persistent

5. How are you in relationships? … Huh?
 Hmph. Whatever.
 *hearts floating around head*
 Um, I’m a little rough around the edges.
 I can’t help myself! They just throw themselves at me!

6. The Meiji Government… is none of my business.
 are conniving pieces of @%#$.
 have helped bring peace to the land.
 never did anything to help me.
 provided me with a job.

7. Let’s grab some food! SAKE!!
 Plain soba
 Miso soup
 Diakon radishes
 I’ll have what he’s having
 No time to eat. Priorities, man.
 Anything, so long as certain ugly girls don’t cook it…

8. What have you been up to lately (like, say, the past ten years)? Training, both myself and others
 Trying to atone
 Aku Soku Zan
 Keeping a low profile
 Trying to keep my skills sharp
 Searching for that special someone
 Trying to get some money, like every other normal person

9. How do you feel towards Kenshin? Um, I’m ok, I guess…
 Dude, he kicks butt!
 One way or another, I’ll kill him, I swear it…
 He’s a great guy. Kinda wish I could hang out with him more.
 I wish he would grow up!

10. Finally, what kind of following do you have? Students!
 I don’t need a following.
 My friends are right behind me.
 My friends are right beh… HEY! Where’d everybody go?
 The fiercest fighters in the world.
 Sorry, I’m the backup.